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Review: Special Shows in 2019

Grounds Care

An increasing number of cleaning services companies offered supplemental services including outdoor care and maintenance work, lawn care, street cleaning and winter services. In order to meet the needs of this special service sector, CMS 2019 featured a larger "Grounds care" segment.

The special show "Grounds Care" featured machines, equipment and accessories for grounds and road maintenance as well as for park maintenance and winter services.

Building Facade Cleaning

Get a close-up look at the latest live shows and demonstrations at South Entrance forecourt.

The special show "Building Facade Cleaning" demonstrated cleaning equipment under real-life conditions on the massive 3,400 m² glass facade of the Messe Berlin South Entrance Foyer.

Aerial Work Platforms

On the forecourt of the Messe Berlin South Entrance one could visit the special show "Aerial Work Platforms".