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Exhibitor Service of the CMS Berlin 2019

Cleaning Show

The international trade show for cleaning systems and infrastructure services

The international trade show for cleaning systems and infrastructure services held in September 2019 serves as an ideal platform for new contacts, corporate image building and potential business deals in the international cleaning market. 430 exhibitors from 24 countries (CMS 2017) and a unique array of products, systems and techniques confirmed the CMS Berlin market leadership position and firmly established the event as the main meeting place for the European cleaning industry.

CMS19 in Berlin is where new trends are set. All of the leading brands are represented here and all of the important innovations are on display. An international Congress, CMS WORLD SUMMIT, will also be staged in Berlin in conjunction with CMS19. Take advantage of the business opportunities available at this most important event!

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  • Cleaning machinery, equipment and systems
    Building interior cleaning, Building exterior cleaning, Outdoor cleaning / city cleaning technology, Laundry technology, Industrial cleaning, Vehicle cleaning
  • Cleaning materials and agents
  • Accessories for machinery and equipment
  • Chemical cleaning and maintenance products
  • Industrial hygiene products
  • Technical equipment
  • Uniforms and protective clothing


  • Property management
    Procurement management, Space management, Cost planning and control, Facility accounting, Personnel management, Contract management
  • Software
    Commercial accounting, Payroll accounting systems, Software for calculating machinery deployment


  • Support services
    Cleaning and maintenance services, Landscaping and winter services, Caretaker services, Waste disposal services, Security services, Catering
  • Institutions
    Agencies and consulting firms, Industry associations, Trade publications

Important Notice from Messe Berlin to Exhibitors regarding Unofficial Indices of Exhibitors – in particular Expo Guide, Fair Guide and International Fairs Directory

EXPO GUIDE, S.C., a company registered in Mexico, offers updated company information in an exhibitors directory for fairs and exhibitions under the reference „Data Review / Validity expiration”, which is fee-based. The fine print of these order forms indicates that upon their being signed, a con-tract is concluded for three (3) years that will generate costs of at least 1,000.00 € per annum.

Recently the Construct Data Publishers a.s., registered in Slovakia, is again offering a listing in its exhibitors directory “Fair Guide”. The approach is the same as with the “Expo Guide”.

Currently, the International Fairs Directory is particularly prominent, which is known under the Mul-por Company S.A. and Connect Publisher, S.C. Here again, the payment obligations are mentioned in the small print.

Since many exhibitors have been receiving these proposals, we wish to make clear that the registrations offered to be made in the “Expo Guide”, “Fair Guide” or “International Fairs Directory” are not entries in the official index of exhibitors for CMS Berlin 2017.

Messe Berlin is not connected in any way whatsoever to the publishers of these unofficial exhibitor directories.

We wish to indicate to our exhibitors that Messe Berlin either produces its catalogues itself or awards exclusive contracts for the production and marketing of such catalogues. Any publishing firms we work with will introduce themselves to the exhibitors as the exclusive catalogue publisher for Messe Berlin or the respective fair project.

For CMS Berlin 2017 is our exclusive partner:
for the print catalogue: ngn - new generation network GmbH
for the online catalogue: Editorial team Virtual Market Place®

Once exhibitors have been admitted to a fair, their basic entry in the official fair catalogue is as-sured. Furthermore, all exhibitors will be contacted by the editorial team of Virtual Market Place® so that they may complete their entries in the online catalogue should they so desire. The Virtual Mar-ket Place® is online from Spring 2017 to 21 July 2019. During this period, exhibitors may update their entries as often as they like.

Please feel free to contact us at at any time should you receive a proposal and have doubts as regards the party submitting such proposal. If you have already signed an agreement with an external offeror in the erroneous assumption that this company is connected in any way to our official index of exhibitors, we urgently recommend that you contact an attorney prior to expiry of the period for revoking and/or voiding such contracts.

For further information please also write to the AUMA , Association of the German Trade Fair Industry (email: On its website you will find further advice including a sample letter on how to react to reminders.

Warning regarding the following service providers:
Exhibition Housing Management (EHM) and Exhibitors Housing Services (EHS)

The service providers Exhibition Housing Management (EHM) and Exhibitors Housing Services (EHS) are contacting exhibitors, visitors and other participants of our events by phone or emails to offer hotel reservation services. Due to the timely proximity to our fair/congress you might get the impression that these companies are official Partners of CMS Berlin and that hotel rooms are already registered.

Due to several notices by our clients we wish to make clear that these companies are not affiliated with CMS Berlin in any way. Neither are these companies official partners of CMS Berlin, nor have we passed on your contact details to them, or made any pre-reservation in your name. Please be warned not to sign anything sent by these companies.

Besides the costs for the hotel reservation they also charge high service prices. At the same time the strict and complicated cancellation policies they have makes it difficult to make changes regarding already made hotel reservations.

If you are interested in hotel reservation services please contact our official accommodation service.

Efficient Business Platform

CMS trade visitors and exhibitors highly satisfied and successful

Some 80% of the trade visitors at CMS work in management or other decision-making positions in their companies and organizations. This makes CMS Berlin a perfect place for valuable business talks with excellent prospects for the future. No wonder that 95% of the people at CMS 2017 said they were satisfied with their business results.

A representative, independent survey conducted among exhibitors at CMS 2017 clearly indicated that CMS is a perfect place to present innovative products, technologies and services. CMS exhibitors were quite obviously satisfied: 93% of the exhibitors assumed a positive effect on their follow-up business due to their contacts from the fair.

Trade Visitor Structure

Icon Commercial Cleaning
  • service providers for building services and facility management
  • retail trade
  • banks
  • insurance companies
  • ...
icon public contractors
  • municipal cleaning contractors
  • government agencies
  • operators of public places (e.g. airports, railway stations)
  • communal cleaning companies
  • local authorities
  • ...
icon industrial companies
  • food-industry
  • automotive industry
  • pharmaceutical industry
  • shipyards
  • ...
icon healthcare
  • hospitals
  • clinics
  • nursing homes
  • social institutions
  • ...
icon hotel & catering
  • hotels
  • restaurants
  • commercial kitchens
  • communal catering
  • ...
  • architectural firms
  • building systems engineers
  • construction companies
  • property management firms
  • ...
icon mobility
  • public transportation (e.g. buses, trains, aircrafts)

Trade Visitor Structure

Commercial cleaning contractors, Service providers for building services and facility management, Industry, Retail trade, Banks, insurance companies, Hospitality industry

Municipal cleaning contractors, Government agencies

Hospitals, Nursing homes, Industrial kitchens

Architectural firms, Building systems engineers, Construction companies, Property management firms