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CMS Berlin

Brief Description

The international trade show for cleaning systems and infrastructure services held in September 2017 serves as an ideal platform for new contacts, corporate image building and potential business deals in the international cleaning market.

430 exhibitors from 24 countries (CMS 2017) and a unique array of products, systems and techniques confirmed the CMS Berlin market leadership position and firmly established the event as the year´s most important event for the global cleaning sector.

The following documents offer you further notes and information about CMS:

Brief Description (PDF, 290.6 kB)
Brief Analysis (PDF, 522.9 kB)

Statistical Dates (2017)  
Overall area 29.000
Net area 15.719
Exhibitors Number
Exhibitors total 430
International Exhibitors 113
Countries Represented 24
Visitors Number
Trade Visitor 18.271
Countries Represented 77

Products of Display


  • Cleaning machinery, equipment and systems
    Building interior cleaning, Building exterior cleaning, Outdoor cleaning / city cleaning technology, Laundry technology, Industrial cleaning, Vehicle cleaning
  • Cleaning materials and agents
  • Accessories for machinery and equipment
  • Chemical cleaning and maintenance products
  • Industrial hygiene products
  • Technical equipment
  • Uniforms and protective clothing


  • Property management
    Procurement management, Space management, Cost planning and control, Facility accounting, Personnel management, Contract management
  • Software
    Commercial accounting, Payroll accounting systems, Software for calculating machinery deployment


  • Support services
    Cleaning and maintenance services, Landscaping and winter services, Caretaker services, Waste disposal services, Security services, Catering
  • Institutions
    Agencies and consulting firms, Industry associations, Trade publications

Visitor Target Groups

Öffentlicher Auftraggeber

Public contractors in all fields relating to the procurement of consumables, capital goods, and cleaning machines:

municipalities, government authorities, public building operators (airports, railway stations)


Commercial cleaning:

Cleaning companies, property management and building service providers, facility management


Industrial companies:

Abattoirs, food, automotive, and pharmaceuticals industries, shipyards


Healthcare sector:

Hospitals, clinics, retirement and nursing homes, social institutions

Hotellerie Cateringunternehmen

Hotel and catering services:

Hotels, restaurants, commercial kitchens, caterers

Photo: stefanolundari/Shutterstock

Hotellerie Cateringunternehmen

Construction and real estate:

Planners, architects, construction companies, property management companies